Charlie Wiener: Behind the Medicine

Although often thought of as a health care monolith, Johns Hopkins Medicine actually comprises six academic and community hospitals, four suburban health care and surgery centers, 40+ patient care locations, a home care group and us, Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI).

We all share one mission: to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care. Each contributes to this mission in unique, yet complementary ways. Our leaders and entities divide the tasks, but, together, they amplify Johns Hopkins’ impact ― locally and globally.

At JHI, Dr. Charles Wiener guides our work in fulfilling high-impact global health care collaborations and providing medical concierge services for thousands of international and out-of-state patients. You can read more about his appointment as president and about his clinical and administrative background.

As a bonus, view a video produced as part of the At the Helm campaign to profile individual JHM leaders. Although Dr. Wiener is too unassuming to draw attention to this short recording, we’re publishing it here because it helps capture how his background uniquely poised him to head an organization that is the leader in international collaborative health. Enjoy!