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Partnering with a Health Care Paragon

By Abdulmohsen A. Al‐Mukhaild

As the new chief operating officer (COO) at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), I help align the systems, staff and operations that shape our health system’s ability to meet patients’ needs, as well as their expectations.

I was in Baltimore earlier this year to participate in a leadership development program Johns Hopkins Medicine International provides to JHAH so executives from both organizations can share best practices on how to ensure the quality, safety, economy and efficacy of clinical care and daily operations. I wanted to use this blog to talk about my experience and share the value I find in partnering with Johns Hopkins.

During my visit, I had the great chance to interact with very experienced, knowledgeable people from all across Johns Hopkins. I learned a lot at each meeting — a new practice, a new way of thinking. I was also very pleased with the level of collaboration I felt. Johns Hopkins’ management team and other individuals are eager to lend their hand and support JHAH.

Building a network in health care is crucial. It’s imperative to exchange information and knowledge and, at the same time, share challenges and try to come up with solutions that will help our patients.

For example, at JHAH, we are committed to getting our patients more engaged in their health and shifting their focus to wellness. Instead of being reactive in some of our services, we need to engage with patients even before they come to the hospital. I would love to see that change, and Johns Hopkins is a remarkable role model in preventive and educational initiatives.

Johns Hopkins has been a landmark in health care for 130 years and can innovatively shape the future ecosystem of care. Being able to tap into Johns Hopkins Medicine’s resources and knowledge definitely helps drive JHAH to provide even better services for our patients. The number of initiatives that have resulted from the collaboration between JHM and JHAH is huge and will have a great positive impact on patient care. We are blessed to have a partner like Johns Hopkins.

Abdulmohsen A. Al‐Mukhaild began his career at Saudi Aramco in 1993 and served most recently as senior advisor to the Office of the Chairman of the Board. Al‐Mukhaild held numerous other leadership positions at Saudi Aramco, including president of Saudi Petroleum International Inc., a marketing services subsidiary in New York; manager of the producing department of the South Ghawar, the largest oil field in the Kingdom, and of Khurais, the world’s largest crude oil developer. He also served as a senior advisor in the research and advisory office of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources in Riyadh before coming to JHAH in the COO role.


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