No One-and-Done Endeavors

We recently started a discussion about how institutions such as Johns Hopkins are creating international collaborative health programs to help steer us out of a global health care crisis affecting individuals, health systems and communities worldwide.

We can approach collaborations to raise health standards globally in many ways. And a number of organizations—including internationally known consulting firms and our fellow respected U.S. academic medical centers—also work with organizations around the world on projects to improve health care access and delivery.

Collaboration, in any of these capacities, will improve health and health care in international settings—at least for a while. But our goal is not to develop a one-time set of solutions to immediate challenges before we move on to the next opportunity. Instead, we develop close, sustainable relationships with our colleagues, so they can take full responsibility—for maximum benefit to their communities—long after our collaboration ends.

Check out this video to see how we are working closely with our international affiliates and colleagues across Johns Hopkins to have a remarkable and lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of people here and abroad.