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In-House Hub for Medical Education

Johns Hopkins Medicine and our affiliate Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) wanted to create a training hub that offers a comprehensive approach for medical education on the island. By bringing medical education in-house, so to speak, we could reduce BHB clinicians’ need to travel to maintain their licenses and remain at the top of their practice, while also reducing interruptions to patients’ access to care.

Many physicians at BHB trained in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other European countries. The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME) is accredited through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, and many ACCME accreditation standards are reciprocal with these countries.

The OCME conducted an onsite assessment that included interviews and fact-finding meetings with BHB’s leadership, physician and advisory groups, IT and facilities staff, scientific committee and CME staff members. Based on the OCME’s assessment, we created a program tailored specifically to BHB’s education needs and welcomed BHB’s director and coordinator of CME for a training and observership program here in Baltimore.

OCME is helping BHB to strengthen its continuing medical education program and infrastructure, as well as to support its accreditation program. Logistically, our experts worked with BHB to streamline the CME registration process and enable Cloud CME® access, which facilitates sharing, reviewing and approving documents in a more advanced and paperless system.

BHB clinicians now have easy access to our educational programming, which highlights the most up-to-date medical innovations in primary care, specialty and subspecialty medical topics.

Johns Hopkins and BHB medical teams collaborate to provide Bermudian physicians with valuable in-house opportunities to continue their education and training, including via online and live events. These resources and activities include access to our CME programs, CME-accredited visiting professor programs and web-based access to relevant Johns Hopkins Grand Rounds across multiple specialties.

The goal of our work is to provide meaningful, precise education based on the needs and knowledge gaps within the health system at BHB. Through these educational tools and activities, BHB clinicians can build upon their already-extensive knowledge and continue to provide excellent care to all 64,000 Bermudians.


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