Coordinating Care for an Entire Island

At the end of his third year at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Ruben Troncoso — like all medical residents — was able to choose both where and what specialty he would study and practice for four weeks. He elected to focus on emergency medical services and hyperbaric medicine at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda.

His study abroad opportunity was possible thanks to JHI’s clinical affiliation agreement with Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB), which runs King Edward VII Memorial Hospital — the only acute care hospital on the island. The collaboration focuses on clinical education and training, including a visiting residents program that brings physicians like Troncoso to Bermuda to learn from and share knowledge with BHB’s providers.

Troncoso was Johns Hopkins’ first resident to travel to Bermuda under this new visiting residents program. Read more about what his experiences taught him about resourcefulness and transforming weaknesses into strengths.