Our Research Bench Gets Deeper With Global Affiliations

At Johns Hopkins, we are fortunate to have an enormous research enterprise, which allows us to bring a lot of expertise to spur team-based scientific pursuit.

My colleagues at Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) draw from institutional data — and personal experience — to publish research on how academic medical centers can forge transformative partnerships with health organizations around the world.

Other JHI investigators have teamed up with Johns Hopkins clinicians to explore topics such as barriers that prevent Muslim women from seeking health care and globalization’s unprecedented impact on medical education. They published their studies in Globalization and Health and the Journal of Medical Education and Training, respectively.

At JHI, we also recruit and support Johns Hopkins faculty members to work alongside physicians and staff at our global affiliates to publish papers and present at international conferences.

After five years of collaborative work, researchers from Johns Hopkins and Clínica las Condes published their findings on the genetic origins of obesity in Chile in the peer-reviewed journal Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders in 2017.

Urologists from Johns Hopkins and JHI’s affiliates Hospital Moinhos de Vento in Brazil and Pacífica Salud Hospital Punta Pacífica in Panama conducted joint research to eliminate a patient safety issue that causes serious complications, even death. They published their study, “Preventing the Forgotten Ureteral Stent by Using a Mobile Point-of-Care Application,” in the Journal of Endourology in 2017, and won a best paper award at the World Congress of Endourology.

At the 2017 World Congress, our researchers partnered with Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare to demonstrate how their international cooperation was instrumental in JHAH’s launch of a robotic surgery program in December 2015 and its continued success today.

This post highlights content from JHI’s FY17-FY18 Impact Report, Realizing the Mission. Read the full report and check out this video to learn more about our transformational work in international collaborative health.