Good Health Care Is Good, but Why Stop There?

Following careful evaluation of health care institutions from all over the world, Saudi Aramco chose Johns Hopkins Medicine as its partner to provide medical care to its employees and transform its health system for the future. After all, we brought to the Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) joint venture nearly 130 years as the founder and leader of academic medicine, a concept that combines clinical care, medical education and research.

One of the ways we share this expertise with JHAH is through the Johns Hopkins Medicine On-Site program. This post highlighted some examples of how JHAH patients are benefitting from these local clinical rotations, and that’s certainly a vital driving force behind this initiative.

I want to emphasize that the On-Site program also offers tremendous opportunities for participants from both JHM and JHAH to learn and grow as physicians, scientists and educators. We are all lifelong learners, and this type of experience benefits everyone.

JHAH physicians and nurses are very well-trained — often in the United States, Canada and Europe. They are also dedicated to providing high-quality, patient-centered care and are eager to continue to develop their skills and adopt innovative procedures and technologies that will help them to deliver unparalleled care. Having the opportunity to share knowledge and experience with colleagues while also caring for patients is a particularly beneficial form of clinical growth and development.

Through the On-Site program, JHM faculty members draw upon their expertise as mentors to share the clinical knowledge, technical skills and ethical standards that JHAH’s clinicians want and need to enhance patient services, ensure quality and safety, and advance medical discovery. Our JHM clinicians also benefit and grow from this shared experience in a clinical environment, far from their typical comfort zone.

This program brings together bright minds from both organizations to define and develop lines of treatment that JHAH can sustain independently to address the most significant health care challenges in Saudi Arabia and across the Gulf Region for many years to come. It is truly a “win-win-win” for the JHAH clinicians, JHM clinicians and JHAH patients.