The Tao of Wow in Patient Experience

Our patient experience team is always on the job. That job is “wow-ing” our patients before their visit to Johns Hopkins, while they’re here and when they return home—at every step of their journey with us.

Amel Elshinawi, our patient experience manager, says, “Improving the care we provide to patients is a continuous process. Our goal is to exceed patients’ expectations.”

In close collaboration with Lisa Allen, chief patient experience officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine, our team has developed new ways to enhance the patient experience.

Before patients arrive at Johns Hopkins, we want them to feel confident and secure in what to expect. Our new patient orientation video helps introduce patients from other countries to U.S. health care, and it describes the members of their care team and their roles.

Once patients get here, they can expect us to visit every day to check in—thanks to our new inpatient rounding program.

We also recently updated our patient lounge, adding new furniture, décor and all the amenities our international patients need to feel at home.

When the course of treatment is finished, our patient experience team is there with an end-of-visit package to provide guidance to patients and their physicians at home on how to continue their care after leaving Johns Hopkins.

Eighty-seven percent of the international patients we surveyed in FY18 were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience at Johns Hopkins.

This post highlights content from JHI’s FY17-FY18 Impact Report, Realizing the Mission. Read the full report and check out this video to learn more about our transformational work in international collaborative health from the last two fiscal years.