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‘This Opportunity Means Everything’

Last week Charlie wrote about the recent reception for this year’s recipients of the Paul S. Lietman Johns Hopkins Medicine International Scholarship. JHI started offering this need-based scholarship eight years ago to international students pursuing their education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

In this post, you can read what the financial assistance has meant to some of the Lietman scholars and how they’re carrying on Dr. Lietman’s legacy of improving health and health care around the world:

Michael Bray
Class of 2022

“I did my master’s in neuropsychiatry, and I love research. I’d like to stay in that field, but I’m keeping an open mind and trying to figure out where I’ll end up in three years.

Everything I’ve encountered so far has been confusingly good. Every time I discover something new, I think, ‘Oh, I’d love to study that!’ So I’m feeling things out. I’m trying not to be too single-minded because I don’t want to miss out on something I would love. But I definitely want research to be part of my practice.

Obviously, Johns Hopkins has an amazing reputation for research. I had never dreamed this opportunity would be possible. I took a shot in the dark by applying here, and then somehow it all worked out.”


Tony Kim
Class of 2021

“I want to help improve global health, stemming from my diverse upbringing. I spent my first 10 years in South Korea, and then I moved to New Zealand and then went to school in three different U.S. states. Having a sense of global citizenship really helped me set my research priorities when I first got to Johns Hopkins. I wanted to do research in a cutting-edge field that has great potential to help those in need around the world. …

There’s an international recognition that comes with Johns Hopkins, which will help my dreams come true. It’s surreal to be here every day and to be able to do artificial intelligence research in the global health context. I feel very supported here, and I’m very thankful for the Lietman Scholarship and JHI.”


Rui Han Liu
Class of 2020

“This opportunity means everything. It gives me the chance to be here at one of the leading institutions in the United States. Without the scholarship, I would not be able to afford this education. It means I can actualize my dreams. Going to one of the very best medical schools really provides you with a network of top-notch physicians and people who can help facilitate the next part of your career. Having this scholarship brings me one step closer to that. …

After I graduate, I would like to stay in the United States because … I want to contribute back to the community that helped train me. That would be ideal.”


Oluseye Oduyale
Class of 2020

“Coming into medical school, my dream has been to become a surgeon. I want to take the training and skills I’ve gained here home to Nigeria (I’m Nigerian-Canadian). ... There’s a huge public health need there, so by being any kind of surgeon, really—I can help transform health care back home. …

I appreciate the Lietman Scholarship. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity. I think it provides international medical students with a way when they may be no other way to pursue a medical career, especially at an institution like Johns Hopkins.”


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