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We’re Our Global Affiliates’ Emergency Contact

Medical emergencies can happen at any moment.

Our affiliates in Panama and Brazil asked to work with us to elevate their emergency care, wanting to ensure they could offer high-quality services supported by the right infrastructure and clinical protocols.

After collaborating with Johns Hopkins emergency medicine experts, in 2017 Pacífica Salud Hospital Punta Pacífica opened the first pediatric emergency department (PED) in a private health care facility in Panama. Our team consulted on designing the facility, selecting equipment and standardizing care.

Jane Virden, nurse manager of the pediatric emergency department at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Karen Schneider, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, shared their expertise and encouraged multidisciplinary work in Pacífica Salud’s new PED. They modified adult codes and rapid response policies to create pediatrics-specific codes, recommended ways to optimize patient flow and efficiency, and helped ensure the new unit had the right equipment and supplies.

We are also working closely with Hospital Moinhos de Vento (HMV) in Brazil to enhance its adult emergency department. Expanding beyond operations, HMV and experts from Johns Hopkins embarked on a joint research project to implement HopScore—an electronic patient triage tool.

Designed by Johns Hopkins researchers, HopScore analyzes patient data and trends from emergency department visits, yielding more nuanced triage scores. To date, the research has produced at least two manuscripts for publication and presentations at international conferences.

This post highlights content from JHI’s FY17-FY18 Impact Report, Realizing the Mission. Read the full report and check out this video to learn more about our transformational work in international collaborative health from the last two fiscal years.


Karen Haller

Vice President, Nursing and Clinical Affairs | Vice President, Americas Operations As the vice president of nursing and clinical affairs, Karen Haller oversees nursing and clinical quality for Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI). She develops the structure and resources needed to collaborate with health care organizations around the world and supports international patients seeking care at Johns Hopkins medical institutions. She also provides leadership and strategic oversight for JHI’s clinical, consulting and knowledge-transfer activities. Click here to learn more about Karen.

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