Heard in Bermuda: ‘Johns Hopkins Saved My Father’s Life’

Locals line the streets to enjoy a vibrant celebration. A colorful parade winding through Hamilton, Bermuda, is the highlight of Bermuda Day—an annual patriotic holiday featuring dance troupes, bands and decorated floats.

For more than a decade, Johns Hopkins Medicine has remained committed to ensuring that Bermudians stay healthy and informed, and have access to the best care possible—all part of our mission to improve the health of the community and the world.

To show our commitment to achieving wellness in Bermuda and to embed ourselves deeper in the community, Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) joined the Bermuda Day festivities in 2017 and 2018. The Johns Hopkins team walked the parade route with a colorful float, taking home the chamber of commerce award for best corporate float on both occasions.

Participating in the parade was a humbling experience. Having people walk up to us saying "Thank you for all you do" or "Johns Hopkins saved my father’s life" is a testament that our relationship with the island is making a difference.

For Bermudian Norette Simmons, the 2018 Bermuda Day Parade was a day to celebrate that her teenage daughter was out of danger after a diagnosis of stage III pre-cervical cancer.

She told us, “Walking the parade with my daughter, representing Johns Hopkins, was rewarding and awesome. I’m so grateful for the Johns Hopkins team of health care professionals and surgeons who treated my daughter. It was my way of giving back for the outstanding services she received.”

This post highlights content from JHI’s FY17-FY18 Impact Report, Realizing the Mission. Read the full report and check out this video to learn more about our transformational work in international collaborative health from the last two fiscal years.