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Co-authoring a New Chapter in Chinese Health Care

Johns Hopkins Medicine International is excited to announce a new consulting agreement with China Northwest International Medical Center (CNIMC) to help it establish a new state-of-the-art care facility in Xi’an City. We’re entering the project at an early stage and will help CNIMC develop its structure, function and medical vision. Together, we will lay out a strong foundation to advance CNIMC’s vision to create a world-class medical center that will serve complex and advanced health care needs in northwest China and beyond.

More specifically, Johns Hopkins experts will provide consultation in designing and developing the hospital’s master plan, governance model, clinical programs, and medical and administrative staffing requirements. Johns Hopkins also will provide CNIMC leadership with opportunities for clinical and management observerships and other education and training activities.

We’ll act as liaison to help both CNIMC and Johns Hopkins forge academic connections with local universities and hospitals in the Greater Xi’an region. And as we’ve done with many of our affiliates, we’ll help the center prepare for globally recognized accreditation and laboratory certification.

Selena Zhou, vice chair and executive president of CNIMC—and one of the project’s main investors—called the collaboration “a new chapter for the internationalization and modernization of China’s health care industry.”

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of such a far-reaching project. We look forward to helping create the China Northwest International Medical Center and supporting it as it advances care for patients with complex or rare conditions in China.


Charles Wiener

President, Johns Hopkins Medicine International Professor of Medicine and Physiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Charles Wiener oversees Johns Hopkins Medicine’s international enterprises, developing sustainable, innovative collaborations that raise the standard of health care around the world and providing personalized care for diverse populations. Johns Hopkins Medicine International serves as the global ambassador of the Johns Hopkins Medicine mission, leveraging JHM’s extensive knowledge base in medicine, nursing, public health, medical education, research and health care administration to deliver the promise of medicine across the globe. Dr. Wiener previously spent three years as Johns Hopkins Medicine International’s vice president of academic affairs and vice president of Asia operations. In these roles, he led multiple global projects, including strategic planning, oversight of educational infrastructure planning and medical training. He focused on coordinating faculty involvement in advancing Johns Hopkins’ growing international collaborations. Click here to learn more about Charlie.

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